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August 18th, 2009

This is the Django package I developed to run the photo backend on this site.  It is based on Justin Driscoll’s ImageKit but differs from most web photo album software (including Justin’s Photologue) in that it is designed to mirror a large filesystem of photos with minimal user intervention.


  • Django-powered database organization of all your photos (and potentially other media with some hacks), with all the templating and Python scripting Django has to offer
  • Automatically catalogs new photos on your server’s hard drive and incorporates them into the Django database, organized by the folder hierarchy of your photo directory.  That is, you never have to manually upload and organize photos.  Ever.  Just rsync or FTP photos from home to your server, and run the glLocalSync command through the Django admin shell (or set it up to run automatically via cron).
  • Automatically deletes photos and folders from the Django database when they are removed from your local folder (this can be turned off).
  • Various permission levels to control public visibility of photos and folders
  • All the fun image conversion and precaching available from ImageKit and ImageMagick.

The source is available in my galleria.git repository.  Install it like any ol’ Django app and add the variable GALLERIA_LOCAL_SYNC to your settings.py (this is the path containing your hierarchy of photos, not the Django media directory).  You’ll also need the ImageKit mentioned above.  Sorry but at this point there is no documentation and comments are probably sparser than ideal, but the source should be fairly straightforward for anyone interested in running or modifying it.

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